Budapest, Hungarian Parliament Building at Night

10. Luxembourg (905,000 yearly visitors)

The country that divides Germany and France presents an strange combination of the two cultures in both the history as well as, well, the food. Luxembourg is recognized today for little more than its tremendous wealthiest, but perhaps the tiny country must be better recognized for the stunning scenery and tasty wines.

9. Serbia (810,000 yearly visitors)

Aside from Croatia, the countries that prepared up the former Yugoslavia have been struggling to bring back sightseeing since the split in the 90’s. But Serbia offer one serious Eastern Europe extravaganza, from hip nightlife in Belgrade to lethargic days all along the blue coast.

8. Iceland (673,000 yearly visitors)

From bubbling hot springs as well as geothermal spas to waterfalls, whale-watching plus glaciers, Iceland’s wonders are not really a secret.

7. Bosnia (439,000 yearly visitors)

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo, as well as it’s as delightful as it can be with an Eastern European genuineness untouched by tourism boom.

6. Macedonia (351 yearly visitors)

Not the Greek Macedonia, the Yugoslavian one. The former Yugoslavian nation is all emerging in to the travel scene. Macedonia is a cultural melt pot of Orthodox-Christian Macedonians as well as Muslim tribal Albanians, and this is reflected in the whole thing from the food to the architecture.

5. Monaco (292,000 yearly visitors)

The little city-state lies on the French Riviera, as well as it’s a incredible parking lot for your yacht. Those who visit Monaco be inclined to be among the rich plus powerful. Evidently the casino in Monte Carlo is the place to be if you are anyone who is anyone. But if you are not rollin’ in the dough, Monaco still has a slew of more reasonable attractions, counting brilliant museum similar to the Oceanographic.

4. San Marino (139,000 yearly visitors)

San Marino’s size is the merely reason the country ranks so low on this list. Tourists don’t usually stay overnight, as there is not much of a reason to. But it is certainly worth a day journey excursion.

3. Belarus (119,000 yearly visitors)

When a country is referred to as “Europe’s Last Dictatorship”, there are apparent reasons why tourist doesn’t flock to the destination. In spite of its wavering political procedure, Belarus is completely safe for guests, as well as the capital, Minsk, is a charming little place. The lack of iconic attraction, however, keeps tourism number low.

2. Liechtenstein (54,000 yearly visitors)

The puny principality is regarding a fifth the size of San Francisco as well as rests up in the snow covered Alps among Switzerland and Austria, so it is no surprise it is low on the list. But with a population of simply 36,000, they are actually doing pretty well.

1. Moldova (11,000 yearly visitors)

Europe’s least visited state of all is Moldova, squished in there among Ukraine and Romania. It’s pretty hard to get there, so there is one thing keeping the number low. But maybe the biggest problem is Transnistria, a part of the country that has shaped a breakaway republic. Maybe do not try it out just so far.



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