‘Princess of Hill Stations ‘ Kodaikanal is a misty destination surrounded by trees and hills that are full of every kind imaginable. Translating to mean ‘The Gift of The Forest’ it lives up to its reputation. The green hills attract a lot of tourists and travellers of all ages, it is equally popular withand well ‘suitcasers’!  The charming knolls are the most perfect respite that you can take away from the maddening crowds. Flit your sight around a little bit and we are sure you will see the calmness that this place is famous for.

How to Get Here: Drive down the Kollam- Theni Highway from Allepey to Kodai
Distance: 286Km
Duration: 8 Hours

Air Tickets: Catch a flight to the nearest airport of Coimbatore from Chennai at unbelievable prices of just INR 949!

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